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Hunners o hits

The Daily Post wants to know:

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

Ahm urnae sure whit Ahm wantin fae this particlier blog. Ah’d hope thit Ah’d mibbi huv managed tae post a day in ma ain Scots ideolect an, in sae daen, hiv developed mair confidence in ma ain voice. (Ah wiz gaunae say ‘leid’, but Ah widnae want tae be sae pretentious in jist ma second post!).

Hunners o hits an a global followin wid be a bonus, admittedly.


Pure Magic, so it is.

Empire State Building as seen from Top of the Rock

Empire State Building as seen from Top of the Rock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah widnae want tae scunner ma puir facebook pals an online subscribers wi the Daily Post’s suggested mince fur the day. In order tae preserve the guid will o ma readers,  Ah thocht Ah wid shunt the said post ower here. Sae here it is:

“Do you believe in magic?”

Ahm kinna in twa minds aboot it. Oan the first haun Ahm thinkin “Naw”  – bit then Ah think that mibbi that’s whit Radio 4 wid huv unner the headin “disingenuous” – as Ah hufty admit tae bein a ragin theist – sae the supernatural is no tae be sniffed at.

Then again, I widnae recommend ony dabblin, ony involvement in said ‘magic’. Naw. As Tom Leonard said abbot Adam and Eve – “Ah doant kerr if its an apple or an aippl: Lee it alane”.

Fur me, the only magic Ah huv only time fur, is yon wee jinx atween Meg Ryan an Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.